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From market outlooks and trends to research and analysis, we offer recurring perspectives and commentary that may influence your next steps in commodity risk management. Subscribe to our varied publications and blogs to get informed about, and stay on top of, the latest in regional, national and global markets.

USDA Reports

Monthly and quarterly reports from the USDA give a look-see at supply and demand projections in a variety of areas. We spice up the report by commenting and making note of interesting facts or figures, giving explanation for the changes, and any other pertinent factors impacting the markets.

Case Studies

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: the commodity business is complex and volatile. With this in mind, it is sometimes difficult to think about all the ways GRM can help customers better manage their commodity risk. Here, current and former customers shed light on how GRM put the complete package to work for them.

Commodity Blog: Bull Pen-Bear Den

From time to time we’ll offer perspective on a topic we think is worthy of more detailed commentary. We’ll do our best to keep this fresh so we encourage you to check back with us regularly or subscribe to it at no cost.

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